Mechanical Products

1- Portable Firefighting systems

2- concrete patching plants
   a- Mobile patching Plants.
   b- Stationary patching Plants.

3- Transit Mixers

4- Self-Climbing formwork.

5- Pumps:
  a- Sewage pumps.

  b- Submersible Pumps.

  c- HVAC Pumps.
  d- Split Casing Pumps.

  e- Fire Fighting Pumps .
  f- Water Treatment Pumps .
  g- Multi Stage pumps.

  h- High pressure pumps .
  i- Deep well Pumps.
  j- Booster Pumps.

  k- Dosing Pumps.

6- Electric Motors .
  a- ABB.
  b- Siemens.

7- Mechanical Screens.

8- Belt Press Units.

9- Cooling Towers .

10- Quick coupling and Fittings

11- Grove mechanical Couplings and Fittings

12- Valves & Actuators

  a- Gate Valves.
  b- Globe Valves.
  c- Check Valves.
  d- Ball Valves.
  e- Plug Valves.
  f- Butterfly Valves.
  g- Choke Valves.
  h- Double Block & Bleed Valves.
  i- Control Valves.
  j- Pressure Reducing Valves.
  k- Cryogenic Gate valves.
  l- Cryogenic Ball valves.

13- Steel Pipes
  a- Spiral Welded Steel Pipes.
  b- Longitudinal welded Steel Pipes.

14- Crawler cranes

15- Trailers , Semi-Trailers and Self –loading tractors of all Capacities.

16- Surface Aerator