Electrical Products

1- Power Distribution:

  • Low-voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC).
  • Low-voltage Main Distribution Boards (MDB).
  • Medium-voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC).
  • Medium-voltage Main Distribution Boards (MDB).
  • Medium-voltage Switch Gears.
  • Ring Main units (RMU).
  • Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformers.
  • Dry-Type Distribution Transformers.
  • Medium-voltage Soft Starters up to 5 MW.
  • Medium-voltage Compacts autotransformers Starters up to 5 MW.
  • Bus Ducts Systems.

2- Lighting Systems:

  • Various Lighting Solutions.
3- Automation and Instrumentations:

    1- Instrumentations:
          a.Flow meters

                     I-  Electromagnetic
                     II- Ultrasonic

                b.Level meters

                     I- Ultrasonic
                 c. Level switches

                 d. Analyzers
                   I- Dissolved oxygen

                   ii- PH meter

                   iii- Conductivity meter

                   iv- Turbidty

                e. Temperature
                   i- Thermocouples

                   ii- RTD

                f. Pressure
                   i- Pressure gauge

                   ii- Pressure transmitter

                   III- Pressure switch


  1. PLC
                   i- Compact
                   ii- Modular
      b. SCADA
      c. Filter control desk
      d. Panel
                   i- Control panel
                   ii- Mimic
                   iii- RTU